Managing proccesses and flow of information

Meet the JOBROUTER® platform, which will cover the entire organization!

We have been improving efficiency gains in companies all over the world for over 10 years!


Information flow in the organization

Managing the flow of information between departments, locations and systems is one of the biggest challenges in organizations.

Ready-made solutions

Discover solutions that are currently used by dozens of enterprises

Process automation

We use the newest technologies to improve our proccesses at our client's companies.

Ready solutions for fast and effective development.

We work different

Business analysis

When analysing your business needs, we engage people experienced in business management. By doing this, we understand the needs of your organisation.


We minimise the theory and build a prototype of the solution as quickly as possible. In consequence, your comments can be precise and the end result exactly as you expect it.


Completed project? This is just the beginning. Your organisation is constantly evolving, and IT systems must keep up with it. Our competent team guarantees stable support.


Twoja organizacja zmienia się w czasie i wraz z nią muszą zmieniać się procesy w systemie. Bez względu na to czy poszukujesz partnera, który długofalowo rozwijać będzie z Tobą system czy chcesz rozwijać go wewnętrznym zespołem jesteśmy do Twojej dyspozycji.


Companies and institutions trusted us


People we’ve trained in use our systems.


Proccesses automated

Do you have questions? We're here to help you!


Let's start your journey with JobRouter®

Transform business proccesses into digital, automated environment with JobRouter®: system which offer speed and flexibility

“We are pleased to recommend e-MSI Sp. z o. o. as a reliable and professional contractor and service provider that meets customer requirements."“We are pleased to recommend e-MSI Sp. z o. o. as a reliable and professional contractor and service provider that meets customer requirements."

Dariusz Bońkowski

CEO, BMW Bońkowscy

"We recommend e-MSI as a credible and professional provider of software development services.”

Maciej Ziemiański

Dyrektor IT, Veolia

“Thanks to the user training conducted by e-MSI Sp. Z. o. o using the system is efficient and effective."

Aleksander Nowacki

IT Designer, Małkowski-Martec

"We confirm the order was executed satisfactorily. The overall cooperation with e-MSI Sp. z. o. o. allows us to recommend e-MSI Sp. z. o. o. as a trustworthy partner providing its services professionally and reliably. "

Maciej Tórz

CEO, Rentis

“For us, JobRouter means the automation of processes in the entire company, which turns into savings and thus more profit. "

Piotr Andrzejewski


"The implemented solution increased the work efficiency of individual employees in the company, reduced costs and accelerated work thanks to tools that automate business processes."

Marcin Markowski

IT Manager, Drukarnia Interak

"The invoice approval process is maximally simplified by the use of intelligent mechanisms for recognizing the content of documents without a fixed structure - cost invoices."

Tymoteusz Przybylski

, City of Wrocław

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